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GloBart is a collection name of the Landscape oriented work of Photographer Bart Lablans, combining the words Art, Globe and Bart to combine the essence of his collective work.

About Bart:

He followed the high school photography workshops and got the basics of photography and dark rooms while still in his teenage years. Since he wanted to see the world, and to do so, he became a mariner.

By the time he was 30, Bart had visited over 60 countries and most continents. While traveling the world he came to realization he wanted to register all the beautiful things he was seeing during his work in the heavy specialized Oil & Gas industry as well us during his many travels in between. This made him pic up his camera and more recently also his drones and para-motor, seeing the world through the eye of the lens.

In recent years, Bart has been placing his focus mostly on Landscapes, Cityscapes and Aerials, seeking a to create images his way.

Recent workshops by world class photographers like Elia Locardi and Albert Dros made him use new techniques and develop his own style of generally color rich vibrant sceneries.

About Globart:

The focus of GloBart is to deliver high end visual art of places and activities you may or may not know. If it is giving a twist to a well known location or making aerial views of industrial work, in a new kind of way. GloBart can deliver existing work or do projects on request.

If you like to purchase work or you require new work either specialised or fit to costumer needs, feel free to contact Bart.

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Groningen, Netherlands


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