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Project Groningen

Currently I'm busy with a local project called "the Highlights of Groningen". My aim is to shoot for locals famous locations with the international landscape and cityscape skills I possess.

The project has kicked off with a shot of the Academie-gebouw of the Groningen University (see above picture) and so far got way more attention than I expected, which tells me I should continue this project.

To be honest, this picture is taken to become a puzzle for my mothers 65 birthday and I decided to share it with the outside world, but I planned doing more local projects some time ago. I traveled all over the place in recent years, but to finish a masters study I'm participating in, it was my decision to spend these months traveling less, which means I could do more photography locally.

On my list to add to this project amongst others, is the DUO building (Cruiseship), the Gasunie building (Apenrots) and the Groninger Museum, so stay tuned.

#groningen #academiegebouw #universityofgroningen

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